Amazon orders take around 24 hrs to be re-created in Magento 1.9

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Hi All,

I have a question about Amazon order creation in Magento 1.9. Is there anyway to make Amazon orders be created immediately after the order has been taken via Amazon. I have done some research and believe the issue stems from the reservation configuration (see here: Is this the case?

As an example, the order was placed Sunday 3rd March @ 02:02 am on Amazon. The QTY is then reserved at 02:05 am but the order was only created on Magento at 02:40 am on Monday the 4th.

Any help or assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi @rupert_b, as far as I remember, m2e creates magento order once it receives the status upd from amazon. The thing is that it is not possible to create magento order with 0 price (this is the price amazon gives for unpaid items).

Hope, this is something you were looking for :)

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