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Platforms suggestion for dropsipping business?

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Hi Everyone,

I want to start my ecommerce store but confuse to select which platform is good to starting an ecommerce business.

I read about magento market share in one of blog post, quote the reference "Magento ecommerce platform had the 2nd largest market share in 2017 with nine percent of the global ecommerce market share. However, in 2018, the tables have turned and it lost its dominance to Shopify. Many Magento users switched to Shopify for an easier functionality, however, Magento offers customization that Shopify is unable to provide."

So, Which platform is best to start ecommerce store?


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There are several platforms suitable to start an e-commerce business: Magento and WordPress/WooCommerce are open-source, and Shopify - SaaS or software as a service. They all are great for e-commerce. And choosing among them, you need to set priorities. I bet on uniqueness, functionality, and design. Magento is a complex system, it allows customizing the website according to your requirements, whether it is design or functionality. Implement whatever you want and it will look unique and modern.

Shopify here is limited: it allows making little changes to design, website structure - you have no access to the core, code, only to the front-end.

WooCommerce is somewhere between Shopify and Magento in case of customizations and integrations. Analyzing all platforms, I choose Magento 2. Why? 

  • Magento 2 is a well-performed system. In addition to high self-performance, Magento makes websites work fast. Magento 2 uses a JavaScript and CSS minifier that, by using different archiving and compression technologies, reduces the size of CSS and JS files. Magento 2 provides native support of Varnish technology that enables a full-page cache, which is a powerful performance optimization solution. Magento 2 minifies the size of HTML templates. It precludes you from implementing different custom decisions that can reduce your website performance.
  • It has got responsive design. With user-friendly mobile themes, a responsive layout, and a mobile-friendly checkout, your e-commerce website has a better opportunity to successfully lead users to make a purchase.
  • Let's don't forget about the faster checkout process. Out of the box, Magento 2 proposes a two-step checkout: on the first tab, customers fill in the shipping information; on the second one – they simply review it and fill in the payment information. This way is fast and convenient. Another satisfying feature for your customers is the display of the checkout totals right after finishing the first step, which reduces the risk of unfinished purchases.
  • Magento provides advanced SEO. In addition to its basic, out-of-the-box SEO options, Magento can also be integrated with more complex, custom SEO strategy to make a bigger impact. By creating unique meta content and friendly URLs, and making good use of canonical tags and redirects, Magento leads your e-сommerce website to great results.

Here you may know more about Magento benefits, the process of building a profitable Magento website, and its cost - look here

Even you want to create a small, simple website, let it be. Building on Magento, you won't lose - tidy, elegant, and unique website with high security and performance, what can be better?

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